That’s A Man’s Corner【HD】SpecTTacular . . 320kph/200mph ‘Isle of Man’ TT

If you’ve never experienced the Isle of Man TT, here’s a good introduction.

That’s A Man’s Corner【HD】SpecTTacular . . 320kph/200mph ‘Isle of Man’ TT from Locck9 on Vimeo.

Extreme Athletes in a Rube Goldberg Machine

This is a pretty nifty Rube Goldberg video using extreme athletes – even if it is just an ad for Red Bull.

Dear Technorati

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Bicycles: Why You Might Need More Than One (Cartoon)

Brilliance from Cycling Cartoons


Bicycles - why you might need more than one

New Tires

Last night I listened to Game 1 of the World Series and mounted up new tires for the Bertoni and began new tires for the Klein.

The Bertoni road bike’s previous tires were the definition of dry and cracked – they literally peeled into strips on removal.  New tubes (including one pinch flat) and castoff Gators from the Lemond bike and it’s rolling again.  I also put some detachable fenders on and lubed up the old chain, which might get me through winter.  I’m still debating whether this bike will be geared, or simiplified down to a fixie/singlespeed.  Both sides have good arguments.

The Klein mountain bike was scheduled to get new Panaracer Fire XC Pro Kevlar Mountain Bicycle Tire – 26 x 2.1, but the old tires – OLD WTB Velociraptors, had a problem.  Rather, the rear tube did.  The stem was stuck to the rim, and no amount of twisting pulled it out.  I actually ripped the tube off the stem.  I sprayed in some penetrating oil and let it sit over night, and will try it again today.

Fist Bump

Wanted: Bottle Opener

But I think I just found it.  Check out

Arhens Cycles Wisecracker custom seatpost and steerer tube headset spacer bottle openers

Ahrens Cycles’ Wisecracker is a clever little bottle opener. It comes in versions to mount to your seatpost, workstand or downhill fork stanchion. Why?

“Because beer can’t open itself.”

There’s also the Wisecracker Lite, with a 1-1/8″ opening to act as a spacer between your headset and stem, leaving a bottle opener conveniently tucked under the stem in case of an “emergency.” Stack height is just 4.8mm and weight is a mere 16g. This one’s just $12 (plus S&H), and they’re available in custom orders with your own logo or name laser etched on them. For those with Ti or raw steel frames, there’s a stainless steel version, too.


Arhens Cycles Wisecracker custom seatpost and steerer tube headset spacer bottle openers

The Wisecracker comes in all four standard seatpost diameters plus a 1.5″ (left) for either your work stand or other large tubes, including DH fork uppers.

Bertoni Italomerica

For a while I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a downtown errand-bike, mostly for travelling from my work in the South end of Seattle downtown to the place I teach on Wednesdays at the north end of the downtown core. I don’t want to leave either my main road bike or mountain bike in the bike cage at work, and I’d love something simple for this goal. Something with style is bonus points.

With that in mind, I found and picked up a new-to-me road bike a couple of weeks ago. It’s a 1989 Bertoni Italomerica 56cm and has a40 rims and the first year of the 105 group. It’s also got downtube shifters, some old school clipless pedals, a lugged frame and quill stem. And a nifty purple-on-purple paint scheme and some pink and purple bar tape. Go big or go home, right?

Here are the seller’s photos. I’ll do more photo work on it over time, because that frame detail begs to be shot.

The question for now is whether I clean it up, put new tires and tubes on it, lube and adjust it and ride it as is, or convert it to a fixie. Like this one:

Road Bike Party

Martyn Ashton takes the £10k carbon road bike used by Team Sky’s Bradley Wiggins & Mark Cavendish for a ride with a difference. With a plan to push the limits of road biking as far as his lycra legs would dare, Martyn looked to get his ultimate ride out of the awesome Pinarello Dogma 2. This bike won the 2012 Tour de France – surely it deserves a Road Bike Party!

Shot in various locations around the UK and featuring music from ‘Sound of Guns’. Road Bike Party captures some of the toughest stunts ever pulled on a carbon road bike.

And how they’ve shared some outtakes from the filming:

Getting back the one that got away


Here’s a neat story, even if it’s just an eBay ad.

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